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QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique) – in-person only

Hypnotherapy – In-person and online

Quantum Healing – In-person and distance

Soul Readings – Distance only 

QHHT – Developed by the late famous hypnotherapist and author Dolores Cannon. Connect with your Higher Self and find all the answers you need to help you in the best way possible. It’s so much more than Past Life Regression, it can change your life. Are you ready? 

This process helps you understand and navigate the next step on your spiritual journey. 

Remember who you really are and connect with your next level of understanding to move forward with a new-found freedom. 

QHHT – How Can It Help

Are you ready for more insight than you ever imagined? Are you looking to level up to the next stage of your spiritual journey & be more aligned with your soul journey? Are you ready for healing on all levels, emotional, physical, spiritual & mental? Then QHHT is definitely for you.

Physical & Emotional Healing

One of the most incredible and life-changing aspects is the ability to find guidance for healing physical ailments. Through guided questions we get to the root cause and understanding of what’s going on. Once there the Super Conscious is asked if healing can occur and if so, healing will happen immediately. Often just through the understanding of why pain is there is enough to instigate the healing process.

Negative Thought Patterns & Belief Systems

It’s time to let it all go. If something has been holding you back in life and you find yourself in this place searching for help, then know it’s possible. One of the main obstacles that people come across is the ability to let go of certain ways of thinking and belief systems. It’s hugely beneficial to have an open mind to the reason you’re attracted to this therapy to begin with and lean in towards the principles and theories of PLR.

Moving You Forward in Life

PLR can provide answers to any question you have. If you’ve been searching for answers to problems with family, friends, career, love, you can tap into the vast knowledge of the Super Conscious and ask anything you want.

Is This For You?

Repeated Patterns of Behaviour

Do you seem to run into the same repetitive patterns in life, unable to break them? Are you struggling to make that change or find the willpower? Do you find that it’s really tough every time you try?  

Health Issues/ Physical Pain

Do you have mental or physical health issues that you either haven’t managed to heal or have always had for seemingly no reason? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but it’s not worked? When you can change how you feel about pain, it naturally gives you more control and a greater freedom in life from what’s previously made you feel trapped.

Fear and phobias

Whatever you’re afraid of – spiders, heights, flying, you can find out where this stems from and never let it bother you again. Never give it another thought. 

Do you have confidence issues, anxiety, stress, exam stress? You don’t have to struggle any more. You can overcome anxious thoughts and overwhelm and live life to your full potential. 


Do you struggle with addictions or do you have a naturally addictive personality? Would you like to quit smoking and gain your health back, save your money and feel alive again? 

Did you answer ‘YES’ to any of the above, or, do you feel there is so much more to this life than you were ever told and you crave the clarity and wisdom to bring understanding to this intuitive knowing. Are you ready to potentially have your entire perception of the world and your own existence altered?

If so, then Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression could be the answer to your problems.  Click the button below to book your first session now…

About Me

Amanda Lamb (Walters), Dip.H SSOH, IPHM 

Amanda is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Level 5 Evolve Life Coach,  QHHT Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki Healer. She is based in Bridgwater, Somerset in the UK and also works online.

She’s been on a long personal journey that contributes to her ability to collate all her knowledge and life skills together with a greater, more powerful understanding of the mind, body and soul connection that she now uses to help others.

She has first-hand experience of the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy that fixed her insomnia within two weeks. Realising just how effective it can be, she became a fan and the rest is history, as they say.

The desire to help others has always been there and this led to the choice of focusing on QHHT & Past Life Regression because of its profound effectiveness in getting results. The potential to trigger self-healing within the body on all levels and the over-arching ability to retrieve answers from the Subconscious and build a stronger, more communicative relationship with the Higher Self is what makes these modalities her passion. 

This Wednesday things will be slightly different. I’m going to be collaborating with my friends @indigobluestar2 for a regression and timeline collapse.

It’s based on removing any fears of stepping into your true self and collapsing timelines that may be holding you back.

If you feel that maybe another lifetime is affecting you, please come along.

It’s still free to attend but it’ll be run on their page, so message for the link.

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Good ol’ Glastonbury.

I’m going to be in The Hub from 11am to 6pm next Saturday 2nd Sept doing taster sessions of past life & energy readings. Feel free to pop in and say hi. By donation so it’s available to all.

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It’s a common theme that some people want to know what their purpose is and that yet a little lost in life and I’ll ask them, what do you for fun, what makes your heart sing? When was the last time you laughed so hard you had tears?

What parts of yourself have you forgotten?

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You know, it’s ok to love yourself. It’s really ok to love and accept yourself wholly and completely.

I’ve found through the remembrance of quantum regressions that this happens as a by-product of the process.

We begin to understand ourselves better and therefore having more compassion for ourselves.

And this in turn allows us to see the world around us through the eyes of truth and love. This impacts of we experience others and how we process events.

We start to remember our soul and our connection to others. We begin to love more of life as a general.

Come join me this evening at 8:15pm UK time for a zoom meditation where we will be linking up our energies and doing a deep soul healing and cutting of cords.

Message me for the free link.

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A message that’s come through the cards three times in the last few days for someone here:

“Your soul is currently twining with the Divine Feminine energies. By integrating this aspect of ourselves it will contribute to the awakening of our own unique spiritual skills and talents.

Ultimately this enables us to carry out what we’ve come here to do in this incarnation.

You can call upon Goddess Isis to support you in this time of transition. She will help you integrate these higher frequencies with the Isis Knot.

Visualise this knotted cloth whenever you feel the need to feel safe, protect and stabilise your energy field as you are transitioning.”

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Intuition is a powerful tool. It’s one of my favourite benefits of doing inner work and meditation. The more we sit with ourselves, the stronger this tool becomes.

Ultimately we’re able to make better choices for ourselves and that only serves to improve our quality of life overall.

Message me if you want to join Wednesday Meditation at 8:15pm UK time. It’s free to join but I don’t broadcast the link. Not yet anyway…

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Time for a little reintroduction.

I’m Amanda and a QHHT practitioner who loves working in a world where I get to time travel every day and work with my galactic team to help people on their spiritual journeys to break through their barriers and live better lives.

I’m based in Bridgwater, Somerset in the South West of England.

If you’re interested in discussing anything, reach out for a chat. I can’t wait to meet you. 😎✨🩷✨

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Totally buzzing after my meditation last night.

We went on an internal journey to the Temple of Black Obsidian with Lady Isis to shine light on all the hidden parts of ourselves that we’ve been denying or not seeing.

We bathed ourselves in love with pink quartz and came back with a gift from Lady Isis of pure golden light in our hearts.

Full, whole, complete.

With love


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Our inner world is so reflected by the world around us.

When we start talking to ourselves in a kinder manner, we naturally attract this type of energy.

I’d love to hear from you with a positive comment about yourself.

Comment below ⬇️

#selfesteembuilding #selfworthjourney #ourthoughtsarepowerful

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Do you ever dream about being more confident, happy, better self-esteem, having an incredible connection to your Higher Self and Source?

Do you have questions to life that you`d really like answers to and direction on how to go forward in life?

Do you ever dream about what life would actually be like with this level of connection and freedom?

Well you don`t have to dream anymore. People are getting life changing results from hypnotherapy.

Get in touch if you`d like to discuss if this is right for you.

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I have had two sessions with Amanda so far. She is a powerful master of her gifts.  I absolutely loved her energy readings, they were so accurate and I resonated with everything Amanda said. She even pointed to me few things so I could tune in and release it.

I love her wisdom and compassion, her heart and authenticity, and more importantly her energy.  She is an embodiment of love and healer.  I will definitely come back for more sessions.

I highly recommend Amanda. I had a very profound experience. 


It was my first time taking part in a group ‘past life regression’ and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Once settled in the comfort of my own space I joined others online, to be taken on a journey by Amanda’s calm and anchoring voice, to delve into my past lives.

What came up for me was incredibly vivid and familiar and gave me many insights to a previous life. I am very keen to join again to continue this fascinating journey.

Thank you Amanda!


I love how Amanda makes you feel relaxed from the start. Having past life regression can feel a little daunting at first but Amanda takes you in her arms and guides you through the process.

What came out was quite astonishing! Apart from the fact you can release old patterns that don’t serve you, you actually come to understand why you have them. 

Thank you Amanda xx


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